Turns To Gold by Dio Foxx (Typetigger.com Prompt)

[Oh, Hello! Good to see all of you again. I can't believe it's been a year. To start things off, a prompt from TypeTrigger.com.]


The weight of its words could be measured in karats,

A voice to surpass the silver tongued,

When the sly corrupt with rose phrases,

The thorns impregnate the gullible.


But with words of truth,

Warmth within the ice,

The voice of reason is in us all,

Golden Apples from Silver Lies.


The weight of its words could be measured in karats,
A voice to surpass the silver tongued,
When the sly corrupt with rose phrases,
The thorns impregnate the gullible.But with words of truth,
Warmth within the ice,
The voice of reason is in us all,
Golden Apples from Silver Lies.
– See more at: http://www.typetrigger.com/trigger/turns%20to%20gold#sthash.3uVTBEo9.dpuf

YAYDAY Countdown [3]

[I'm writing my own prompt today.]

(What’s Stopping You?

What do you want to do, what are you doing to get there, and what problems are you facing?)

I know I want to be a writer. I feel it, deep down in my gut. I want to write all kinds of stories and not be stuck in a niche. I have all sorts of creative ideas that I want to put onto paper. Sometimes I want to write a comedy, other times I want to write the modern day Metaphysics. Almost all of the time I want to give factual information to my readers. You haven’t read any of that writing yet because I’m still trying to figure out what to write about and how to go about it. I’m planning on getting my degree in journalism. I think it would be a great step forward for me. This blog was put together as an outlet for my creative fire but I’m starting to feel that by sticking to prompts, I’m having a harder time coming up with my own stories. Also, by writing almost everyday I have noticed a barricade. When I sit down to write a story I have a hard time getting past about 550 words at one time. I always seem to wrap it up right around there. It’s almost as if I need a mental break after I put down that amount. Then after a while I can get back to it and put down another 550 words. Writing dexterity is something I really need to work on. On the journalism side of things, I just can’t find the right topic. I have been really apprehensive in writing in that style due to the fact that I don’t want to write about car crashes and burning buildings. I know I have to start somewhere but I feel there has to be a better way. Maybe there isn’t and I’m trying to put the cart before the horse. What do you think? There are so many subjects out there that I would like to cover. Maybe I just need to pick two or three and set full steam ahead. Maybe I’ll wait for some guidance in my journalism classes that I’m going to be taking. I think my want of writing something impact-full is infringing on my want of writing. I don’t mind doing research, in fact, I thoroughly enjoy it, learning something new. I just need to figure out my topics. It could also be a matter of figuring out where or who I want to write for? Do I want to pump out my own e-books all day and fill my own blog? Or do I want to write for Politico and culture magazines? I’s still trying to figure all of this out. Until I do, I feel that my writing may be hurting. 454 words.


OH MY! Is it the 1st already?!

OH MY! Is it the 1st already?!

[So of course I am completely unprepared for the novel I have said I'm going to pen. It wasn't until this morning that I selected an idea to write about. I have so many. I get an idea then add it to my 'Bradbury List'.(In his book 'Zen and the Art of Writing' he gives wonderful advice for compiling ideas, which I have dubbed my Bradbury List.)  Hopefully I can mold it into some form of novel. Wish me luck]

YAYDAY Countdown [4]

[I skipped 5 because I was busy for Easter. I'm not going to lie, these prompts are getting a little sad. Spoiler alert: Tomorrow I have decide to quite and have to write my resignation to someone for something. Then the day after my tire pops and I write about breaking down. What happened to these prompts? Ever since they asked me to kill my hero they have become slightly depressing. Maybe I'm jaded. Today's prompt isn't too bad.]

(The Stranger

You’re walking home from work one night and taking shortcuts through a labyrinth of dark city alleyways to meet someone on time. Suddenly, a stranger parts the shadows in front of you, comes close and asks you to hold out your palm. You oblige.)

“You dropped this,” the hooded figure in front of me said in a mystic tone as he placed something in my hand. I held the object up to get a better view in the dim light. It was a quill filled with ink.

“I…don’t think I dropped this. You must be mistaken.” It felt comfortable in my hand.

“You dropped it. Not recently, but it is yours.”

“So when did I drop this quill? I don’t remember having owned a quill before.”

“No, you wouldn’t remember, but you have dropped that quill many times, in many different places.” The figure stood still and I was unable to see his face, but I could tell he was waiting for me to understand.

“Alright, I’ll play along Mr. Mystery. Tell me more, I don’t get your cryptic meaning.”

“Perhaps if you were to think harder.” His voice had a hint of a smile. Is he messing with me?

“I’ve had enough of this. I have a place to be, if you will excuse me.” I started to walk away when he placed his hand on my shoulder. Visions flashed in front of my eyes, my past lives.

“You have written great, important books, stories, and philosophies with that quill. It is time for you to pick it up and write again.” After he finished speaking he took his hand from my shoulder and the visions passed. When I spun around to confront the mystic, he was gone, leaving me alone in a dark alley way. After a moment I sat down and pulled out my notebook. Apprehensively I held the quill naturally in my hand and placed its tips to paper. Flooded with ideas, I began to write.

YAYDAY Countdown [6]

[What a depressing prompt. Damn you Writers Digest.]

(Obit for your Favorite Character

Write an obituary for you favorite fictional character (literary, television, ect.) including how the death occurred.)

[I'm Sorry, I just couldn't kill off my hero's. Who would I look up to if I was the one to murder them on paper?]